TapeACall Lite: Call Recorder App Reviews

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Doesnt work

The app does not work as promised. Please, do not waste your time and money. Please, add people, answer my message and reimburse my money.

Easy to use app, quality recording

TapeACall is my first app of this kind. I started with the free version but I soon purchased the paid version as it was a bargain given the importance of such an app. Its surprising me that there is no native support for this functionality on iOS. Had a couple of glitches along the way but the support was really helpful. It has nice options to save & share your recordings. One of the things that I like the most about it is that you can start recording even if you forget to open the app before you place your call. I definitely recommend this app and already referred it to a few of my friends.


Why on earth you need to give your personal information like phone number to record a call? Very bad design choice

Great service

Its not perfect with having to link calls but for the value, its a great product and service.

Best app hands down for recording calls

These guys are Sick with it !!!

Nice app

Works well, easy, love it!

Cant live without it!

Records my calls with ease....reliable , keeps my calls organized to go back time and time again. Priceless app

Great! I upgraded to PRO!

Great app! Always works, no glitches. Easy to upload to Dropbox & other cloud services. I highly recommend it.

Great! But....

Awesome app love it, but wish I could save voice recordings to my phones built in voice recording app. That way I go and trim it down so I can just send a certain spot to some one. Other then that super easy to use.

Good app

I use this app as a work tool. Very easy to use. Maybe some improvements could be made though. I feel like this would make the app more helpful or user friendly. Its not a problem, but the few seconds at the beginning of the recording are a bit annoying. Could it be possible to make a call without this period of time being recorded ? Also, it would be great to have shortcuts for phone numbers built directly in the app itself instead of having to dial or chose a contact. Thanks !


I got this app to record a very important phone call about a lease dispute. I practiced using it several times, and it seemed to work great. I made the call, followed the steps, merged the call, heard the beep, and it didnt record. Now Im totally screwed.

Solves my recording problems.

As a journalist and author I find this invaluable. So much better than all the other ways of recording interviews over the phone.

This is great!

Ive been using this app for about two weeks now. I have the pro version and I must say the quality is very good. Im using it in a newsroom environment and were putting the recordings on-air. The app is easy to use and the learning curve is quick. For $10-$13 (depending where you live), this app solves a real problem for me. Im no longer tied to my office to get a phone interview. So far, so good.

Bad experience

I just lost one of my important conversation which was about 30 min. When I tried to listen to it, it said I have to pay and go pro to listen the whole audio. It allowed me just 60 seconds of the audio. If it was a trial pack, at least it should be a full version for a limited amount of time. Errrr!!

Easy to use

Works great :) can even do a 3 way call on my iPhone and record that too.

Best App Ever!

Honestly this app does everything it says and then some! Hasnt failed me once!

Not recommended because it does not do automatic recording

Not recommended because it does not do automatic recording. I dont think people have much time merging every call. I would rather have an option of automatic recording.

Great an easy app

Use it regularly as a journalist for interviews. Easy to use and reliable

Absolutely worth the money to get the full version

Such an amazing feature to have access to. Worth every penny!

Great app with minor issues

I really enjoy this app I use it a tonne!! It is easy to use and convenient, I dont like that it takes so long to merge the call and you cant hear the person and they cant hear you during that time. Any glitches or issues I did have support corrected as fast as possible which was great!

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